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Take the plunge and become the owner of your mobile home. We offer a wide range of mobile homes for all budgets. So don’t hesitate and contact us to organize your visit. See conditions and information:
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2800 €
2545,45 €
2950 €
2681,82 €
3100 €
2818,18 €
3260 €
2963,64 €
3400 €
3090,91 €

Information on the yearly rental of plots in your campsite in Saujon

It is now possible to rent your plot of land all year round at your lakeside campsite. Here are some essential things to remember if you want to get started:

  • Several people can enjoy the mobile home

When creating the contract with the campsite, you will have the possibility to choose up to 8 names of persons designated as residents. This will allow your friends or family to enjoy your mobile home during the season. A year-round plot rental agreement that is not restrictive, either for you or for the people you wish to invite.

  • You will be able to sublet your parcel in an unlimited way

Indeed, the subletting is unlimited, so you can share the costs when you or your friends come. However, subletting is not mandatory, only if it suits you!

  • No restriction on the age of your mobile home

Unlike many campsites, we do not impose a maximum age for the mobile home you wish to have on the plot. Whether your mobile home is more or less than 10 years old, you are still welcome.

Year-round plot rentals: easier payment terms

Plot rental arrangements will be facilitated for residents. Indeed, the campsite takes care of all kinds of collections, which will allow you to pay by credit card or even by ANCV vacation vouchers.


2650 euros TTC (Price per year, water and electricity included)

Here is some information about the distribution in case of subletting:

  • 30% of the amount of the sublet will be returned to the campsite if the resident takes care of the inventory of fixtures and the cleaning.
  • 40% of the sublet amount will be returned to the campsite if the campsite takes care of everything.

For any other information, we invite you to contact us.